"When you want to fool the world, tell the truth" Bismarck




Like some great edifice with rotten foundations, the structure gnawed at from the inside for years by bloated rats, nothing is maintained, nothing repaired. This makes the collapse of the building inevitable and it looks as though someone desperately wants this to happen. Yet the residents of the place are partying, stoned out of their minds or distracted by trivialities; they are totally unaware of any imminent danger. A valiant few shout from the rooftop, but the laughter and frivolity, the deafening music coming from beneath them, drowns out their voices. Those with most to benefit from the building’s ruin dismiss any thought of looming disaster with scorn and derision as they chisel away yet more bricks from the rickety basement. Yet these despicable villains are lauded from within the house, the deliberate falsehoods, the malicious fabrications and crazy schemes are believed, given support time and again. Continue the good work you are doing, is the cry, and we shall all be safe. The house was once an elegant building, the seat of global influence, a powerhouse of industry and invention, but now it is reduced to beggary by malice and foolishness, collapsing from within, living with hidden bankruptcy, waiting for the bailiffs at anytime now.

Britain was once a small relatively unimportant tiny offshore island off the coast of mainland Europe. After many long years of internal strife and uncertainty, Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837. At that point, Britain began to emerged as the world’s first superpower. She dominated the trade of the entire globe. The British navy was at least as big as the combined fleets of her two nearest rivals and she ruled the oceans, none dared challenge. By the time Queen Victoria died in 1901, the British Empire had become the largest ever seen on earth. This empire was larger in population than China with a bigger land mass than Russia. However we may view the empire, by contrast today, through the duplicity of ‛friends’ without, assisted by the greed and stupidity of our rulers and the treachery of those who claimed to know our best interests better than we did, plus the fact that we, the British people, have continually swallowed the dangerous nonsense these bandits peddle, or have had it force-fed to us by dire threats, manipulation and corrupt justice, all these things have now brought Britain to its knees.

Our current share of the world’s total trade and production is reduced to about what it was about 300 years ago, all as though we never ever were Great Britain. We are not now back to even where we once were in the middle of the eighteenth century, but hugely disadvantaged and all but ruined, like the old house above. The old rock solid certainties upon which our nation rested have been progressively and deliberately undermined. The treacherous aim of enemies within has been to bring about irrevocable change in our nation. The end of this road will, however, will not open up to the sunlight meadows of a benign utopian fantasy, not to unrivalled freedom but will usher in grinding slavery, deliver not peace but disaster. Rest assured, we have already travelled a considerable distance along the route. The evidence lies around us did we but have eyes to see it.

Many see no problem. Everything is OK. Nothing is wrong. The sky is the limit, onward and upwards, there is always jam tomorrow for today’s stale bread. Why are you making such a racket? ‛Sit down, stop rocking the boat’ as the song goes. None of this is any concern of mine, I do not even watch the news or read a newspaper. It does not affect me. Anyway, what has your belly-aching about the state of the world done to change anything? I’ll quaff another beer and watch the football, sip another wine and contemplate nothing, feast my eyes on soaps and the latest ‛reality’ TV. Those fit enough may go for a long walk or a jog, slip down to the gym, or should their education have reached such giddy heights in our sorry school system, they may read a book. There are of course those who have little time to indulge in the frivolities of leisure. They work every hour the day sends, perhaps trying to survive on the minimum wage and a zero hours contract. All they want to be able to do is just to feed their families and provide them with something of a half-decent existence. Here and there, justifying what they do by the behaviour of bankers and politicians, they may do yet another ‛dodgy deal’ just to make sure the bills get paid. Life is OK for as long as we are not without work or forced to live on poverty wages. Like it or not, believe it or not, welcome to life in modern Britain.

Nothing is wrong? We may say this for as long as our house is not burgled, our car not stolen. Are the towns and cities of our country, safer places than they used to be? As long as our son attacked and robbed in the street in broad daylight, or our daughter is not raped or molested, then all is well with our world. Tell that to the many thousands of victims of crimes perpetrated yearly. Of course, crime figures are dropping where many police forces fail to record them or cannot turn out to house robberies or ‛anti-social’ behaviour through lack of staff and resources or are too busy chasing elusive statistics rather than too easy-to-find criminals. Incidents can only be recorded when they are reported and many remain unreported by victims, because they believe the police will not turn up or when they do so are told there is little that can be done.

Nothing is wrong as long as our children are not deprived of a place at university on grounds of cost, or, as a result of trying to obtain a half-useful degree, are saddled for years with unsustainable debt. Who gains from that? Only the money men who buy up these loathsome debts. Perhaps our offspring will be forced on graduation to work for no pay, subsidising themselves in a questionable ‛internship’ or to gain ‛work experience’ with an avaricious employer who is being subsidised from tax money, what then? This is promulgated as a solution by so many in positions of power who have not had a day’s experience of any proper work or maybe have conveniently forgotten about it. Is this still not our business? Wait until it is our youngsters who are unable to buy their first home because of a skewed and artificially inflated housing market manipulated to the advantage of the money men.

Don’t grow old in Britain. Who can speak of fairness, when many pensioners are living on a pittance with one of the meanest pensions in Europe and their few savings diminished by the dropping value of currency and abysmal returns. The State pension is now classed as a handout ignoring the reality of recipients having paid into this government sponsored Ponzi scheme all their working lives. Outside the State sector such a scheme would be fraud, payouts depending current income. Every winter the same stories hit the news of old folk who cannot afford to heat their homes adequately. It is a national scandal that anyone should die of hyperthermia in a country like ours, but they regularly do so. Have we become so heartless, so cruelly unconcerned that we are immune to their plight? Is there more fairness among us, more justice, more goodness, more neighbourliness, or is that a matter of irrelevance? Wake up, you could be on the sharp end yourself sooner than you think!

Once we sent missionaries, doctors and educators to far-flung places to build schools, churches and hospitals; engineers to build roads, bridges and railways. Yet how today's wise men love to castigate the wicked colonialists! Instead, now we export death and destruction in wars of questionable legality. We bomb innocent civilian populations, men woman and children die by the thousand. Once we built up, now we pull down; once we brought life and healing, now devastation and chaos. Once we brought peace, now we perpetuate evil and war. Our planes strafe and bomb, drones controlled from the safety of bases at home rain death from the skies. All is done in sheer arrogance of mind, drunk with power and evil intent. Where once we brought peace, justice, and a semblance of order, we now perpetuate evil, destruction, chaos and blame someone else. Britain is the world's second largest exporter of military hardware after the United States. Modern warfare is done so often by proxy, send others into the heat of battle. We ought to hang our heads in shame not boast of our greatness.

Yet, our pontificating politicians who strut around the world with their chests stuck out like crowing cockerels tell everyone else what to do whilst ignoring the crumbling edifice at home. They look like major-generals out of a Gilbert and Sullivan opera, ridiculous caricatures, empty and silly figures of fun and amusement. Even if we retain a self-imposed blindness to our present tragic national state or are content to live in denial, others around us observe our demise with amusement and some with scorn. At the time of our prime minister’s visit to China in 2013, a report in the official Chinese newspaper pointed out with some accuracy, even if mixed with a dash of arrogance and Schadenfreude, that Britain is now “just an old European country fit only for tourists and students”. We are not now back to even where we once were in the middle of the eighteenth century, but hugely disadvantaged and all but ruined and our banks and public finances ready to tip into bankruptcy. Wake up! Wake up Britain! Why do you stop your ears and close your eyes when this cry goes up? Open your eyes to the reality now, before it is too late and everything tumbles around our heads! Shall we wait until there is nothing left and all we can do is pick a living out of the rubble, a world of Mad Max? Let us hope not.

How did we get there? It has sneaked up on us quickly and silently. Yet, we must all share the  guilt; we have watched it happen, we have said and done nothing, we have continued the cheer on and support those bringing it about. Early on, a few brave individuals recognised the danger and spoke out to be rewarded only with appalling vilification; their reputations are dragged through the mire to this day. Can this inevitable collapse be averted? Certainly, the situation could be saved, but the way back will be hard and fraught with fierce and vicious opposition, enormous problems, and almost insurmountable difficulties particularly as the unstated aim of these nation wreckers is to so change the cultural and ethnic structure of our nation that it becomes irreversible. Whether we will find the moral strength of purpose to bring about a change of direction is another matter altogether.

An important tool in this destructive change has been the almost unrestricted immigration to our shores, directly related to our involvement in so many illegal wars. In many parts of urban England you will hear no English spoken. Claiming to be moderate, liberal and tolerant, the proponents of this madness enforce their agenda through a sinister manipulation of language and behaviour commonly known as ‛political correctness’. Call their programme into question, oppose the transformation of our nation into an immigrant multicultural State, and you will be labelled extremist, xenophobic, far-right or neo-fascist. For your pains you could lose your employment and in possibly in some instances end up in jail. The revolutionary overthrow of our European heritage is painted as reasonable and moderate, as the only right and moral thing to do. Within a very short space of time, our towns and cities have become unrecognisable from what once they were. There has been an impossible amount of pressure put on schools, health care, housing, and many other areas of public life. The strain is enormous and a continuation of this course unsustainable.

This programme of systematic destruction has been supported by politicians of virtually every party; a tiny number raising any protest to be vilified and scandalised for their efforts. Any desire to preserve one's own national and cultural identity is decried as fascist. Love of one’s country, loyalty, patriotism were once gentle words in common currency. Now they have been demonised by these political madmen. Going back to the 1950s and 60s, even Britain’s Labour Party supported immigration controls and was unwilling for Britain to be a welfare State to the whole of the Commonwealth. Unions and politicians on the left resisted the competition for jobs and the downward pressure on wages that widespread immigration brings with it.

Traditionally, Britain has professed to be nominally Christian. We must not be misled, when our politicians speak of ‛British values’. Despite what they may say, they do not have Christian ethics in mind, but the long discredited and frightful values of the Enlightenment and French Revolution: liberté, égalité, fraternité. Freedom, equality, brotherhood for every heathen religion alongside Christianity. Freedom, equality, brotherhood for every sexual orientation, ultimately even for every deviant. Freedom, equality, brotherhood between the genders, races and cultures. Such ‛values’ are not Christian, but decidedly anti-Christian and their adoption is intended to irreparably undermine the Christian faith. Anyone avowing allegiance to anything other than these received ‛values’ is an extremist with no place in modern Britain.

D. William Norris



"Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made" Bismarck













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