The film criticises the system of fractional reserve banking, debt-based economy and political lobbying by banks, which it regards as a serious threat to Western civilisation. It criticises the War on Terror, which it maintains is not fought to eliminate al-Qaeda and other militant organizations, but to create larger debt to the banks.

Whilst this film is thought-provoking and well worth watching, views expressed are not necessarily those of this website.





Maybe Hungary and Iceland have the answer?



Hungary 'finishes off' the Rothschild Banks: ordered to vacate the country




Russia & Ukraine


Ukraine’s representative in Minsk group recognizes Crimea as part of Russia


Viktor Medvedchuk, Representative of Ukraine in the Minsk contact group, claimed that the Crimea is part of Russia and it will not return under control of the Kiev authorities. Medvedchuk explained during his interview with the Radio Liberty, that de facto ‘it [Crimea] belongs to Russia. Do not expect that the peninsula will be returned to Ukraine’. He also pointed out that the Kiev authorities had repulsed residents of the Crimea by themselves. As he said, ‘in case the Ukrainian authorities had wanted to return the peninsula, they would not have stopped power supply, would not have shut off water, would not have announced economic blockade, and would not have impeded cargo traffic’. As Pravda.Ru reported, the Crimean status was also recognized by the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk on 24 August. ‘Now it’s part of the Russian federal system,’ former head of the state highlighted.

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US Supports Terrorist Groups in Syria

Lavrov to BBC: US protecting Syrian Al-Qaeda / Nusra for plan B to change regime in Syria








Accused of having no values, Russian values are clear: respect for human rights; respect for peace; the defence of national interests; support for family values and the value of the Christian faith. These are all things the West either despises, disregards or is actively seeking to destroy or dismantle.


Vladimir Putin defends Christian culture and condemns political correctness






Ukraine. FASCISM AS IT IS film by Andrey Karaulov



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This French-made documentary has enraged the government in Kiev. The filmmaker himself, Paul Moreira, was shocked and surprised at the almost hysterical reaction. First shown in February by Canal+, the Ukrainian ambassador to France demanded it be taken off air. The claim is that it is a falsification of the events. Quite the contrary, the film is simply 'contrary to the commonly accepted narrative' and so much closer to the truth. It demonstrates that the Nazi-style groups apparently supported by the West were heavily involved in the Maidan violence and also in the deadly events in Odessa. From our own personal knowledge of the country, we would say that there can be little doubt that these allegedly US-backed paramilitaries are the greatest threat to a peaceful Ukraine today.




Putin Crushes BBC Smartass



Another certified moron bites the dust

JOHN SIMPSON, BBC: Western countries almost universally now believe that there’s a new Cold War and that you, frankly, have decided to create that. We see, almost daily, Russian aircraft taking sometimes quite dangerous manoeuvres towards western airspace. That must be done on your orders; you’re the Commander-in-Chief. It must have been your orders that sent Russian troops into the territory of a sovereign country – Crimea first, and then whatever it is that’s going on in Eastern Ukraine. Now you’ve got a big problem with the currency of Russia, and you’re going to need help and support and understanding from outside countries, particularly from the West. So can I say to you, can I ask you now, would you care to take this opportunity to say to people from the West that you have no desire to carry on with the new Cold War, and that you will do whatever you can to sort out the problems in Ukraine? Thank you!

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