“‘The State’ may come to mean no more than a self-elected political party, and oligarchy and privilege can return, based on power rather than money.” George Orwell




The State of Tyranny

The modern State is a vicious tyrant, a bully, a Leviathan, a Behemoth beyond the wit or strength of any man to tame. It has grown fat on the flesh of its citizens, is drunk with their blood. Since it cannot be tamed, who then will find a George to slay it? Since it cannot be reformed, it must be slain and replaced.

It grants us rights and takes them away at will. Without the permission of the State, we cannot travel. It regards travel as a privilege extended to the underprivileged. Identification papers securing safe passage and documents with permission to travel reach back into antiquity, but the modern passport was unknown before those issued by Japan in 1866. Governments issue or revoke them often contradicting their own constitutional law in doing so.

The State takes our children and locks them away daily, fines and imprisons parents who keep them away. It erects high metal fences on the pretext of security to prevent the inmates escaping. It indoctrinates our youngsters with a partisan education to produce passive, compliant citizens for the future, those who will know how to vote aright and not cause trouble. A school is an institutionalized propaganda machine ensuring correct thinking on every subject. Our children are not ours, but the property of the State. Should we die, their future is determined by those who claim to own them. Secret courts do not protect but possess and dictate and their judgements are placed beyond challenge.

From the cradle to the grave this counterfeit nanny hovers over our crib and stares into our coffin. Her mother's milk is laced with poison, her care in old age is cruel and loveless. When we get old and are of no further use, we must be hustled off as quickly and quietly as possible. Pitiful pensions paid over many years are degraded to benefits, so that those who only have the resources can hardly look after themselves. If we cannot be disposed of in hospital using euthanasia disguised as a care plan, then we shall be shuffled off into an over-priced care home. What assets we may have managed to gather together over a lifetime will be confiscated, leaving just enough to bury us in a pauper's grave, ensuring we are not a further burden after we have departed.

This frantic State determines how we and our children shall receive healthcare. It is ready to throw into jail those who choose some non-compliant treatment for their children. It will first mock, then isolate, then remove the licence to practise from doctors who teach heretical medical doctrines and promote treatments not supported by the medical elite in the health service. It determines what pills, what medicines may or may not be prescribed.

It makes up laws on the hoof, giving priority not to a universal code of morality, but to that which will best serve their ends and prolong their tenure of office, extending their sphere of authority, ever tightening their deadening grip on us all. They tell us what we should do and how we should do it, rather than forbidding something and giving us freedom everywhere else. They have no understanding of justice, but only of convenience. Absolutes do not exist, right and wrong, truth and falsehood are not concepts they understand. To force their will upon us all a police service is given increasing powers and is now less concerned with rights and wrongs, but with non-compliance. The chains are being pulled ever tighter. Soon we will be unable to breathe.

Rumors circulate of a contract between citizens and the State. Few, save those inclined to read such books, will ever have heard of it. I never agreed to such a device. In return for offering up our freedoms, the State will protect and look after us. It certainly takes our freedoms, but shackles our ankles so that we cannot walk where we would, it manacles our wrists so that we cannot do what we would. We are all born into an agreement about which we were never consulted. We are slaves to an out-of-control monster over which we have no control. Democracy, what democracy? Once ensconced on their cozy thrones of power, by a minority choice of the population, they treat us all with disdain and pursue an agenda never revealed to us. They lie and lie again, petty despicable dictators that they are.

The wretched slaves do not recognise their plight, but are drugged with the baubles of modern life: ceaseless, tasteless entertainment sport that is not sport; an endless pursuit of material goods for their own sake; technology to no useful purpose; lustful fulfilment of desires, legitimate and illegitimate. This is an empire ready to fall like ancient Rome, all the same hallmarks appertain. Thus fat and bloated the slaves love their chains, woebetide those who would break them and cut off the source of their enjoyments.

There is another way, a path of freedom, a path of justice. However, given their freedom the prisoners would rush back to the prison gate and beg to be re-interned. Lock us up, lock us up, they cry! The burden of responsibility, the weight of having now to provide for themselves that which was once handed to them on a plate is too much for them to contemplate. It is a crushing blow; freedom is not what they imagined it to be. As the Israelite in the wilderness, these manacled multitudes would lust for the fleshpots they knew in the harsh days of slavery. They would curse or kill their liberators. Such people can only be forced to be free.

The human spirit in some of us is not dead and will rise to the challenge. It will take a sword and slice off the head of this appalling monster we have allowed to dominate and dictate our lives. Rise with us! Join the band of those who will know victory in the end.


D. William Norris



“From fanaticism to barbarism is only one step.”

Denis Diderot


















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