"It is not the reading of many books which is necessary to make a man wise or good, but the well-reading of a few, could he be sure to have the best."

Richard Baxter (Puritan Minister)




by D. William Norris




Within one-hundred pages, the journalist, Marcus S. King, has written a well researched, well documented account of the life of Vladimir Putin and his rise to power from quite humble beginnings. In the face of the shameful, and unsubstantiated accusations that fill our western newspapers and pollute our news channels almost every day, this book provides more than an exoneration of the man; it does more than set the record straight; it is a factual and honest account revealing much that our western governments and media would rather we did not know. Western media outlets and politicians have become increasingly hysterical. In the vitriol they spew out, Mr Putin is portrayed variously as a corrupt KGB thug who has enriched himself skimming off the top of the Russian economy; an anti-democratic authoritarian who hates homosexuals; and he is, it would seem according to Britain's Prince Charles at least, a reincarnated Hitler figure. Disingenuousness, dishonesty, downright lies and implacable hatred lie behind these groundless charges. The book provides an excellent introduction to one of the most maligned figures of the modern world. The references point us in the direction of helpful further study. Although first published in April 2014, it remains a good place to begin for anyone seriously interested in today's Russia and who wants to get beyond the propaganda.

From the Introduction:

"To be sure, favorable Western reviews for Russia's enigmatic leader are also readily available; but the preponderance of the Western sourced adjectives used to describe Vladimir Putin, be it from the "left" or from the "right", is clearly of a negative nature. But in Russia itself, the perception is vastly different. Ever since his rise to power, Putin's approval rating among the Russian people has hovered between 70-80% far higher than any American President or European Prime Minister. Indeed, many Russians regard him as the savior of Mother Russia; with some referring to him as "Putin the Great". Some among Russia's Orthodox Christian faithful today believe that Put was God sent, literally."

Comments on the book:

"I was glued to the edge of my seat with jaw wide open as I read this gem of a book from start to finish in a single sitting. The clarity and simplicity with which King's masterpiece demystifies current events represents a rare ability to speak to the reader with entertaining and understandable prose. This really needs to go viral and fast. 5 HUGE stars!" ― Dr William Carlucci, Ph.D.

"With the world closer to World War III that most would imagine, King's timely book is essential reading. Far from being the evil "thug" that the Western media has portrayed him as, Vladimir Putin is the only adult in the romper room of otherwise buffoonish and dangerous "world leaders". ― Gary Ross

"Thank you, Mr. King for your wonderful work. With events in Europe, the Middle East and Asia approaching a breaking point, such clear and concise presentation of history is worth its weight in gold." ― Irina Kovalev

 The Author:

"Marcus S. King is a private investigative journalist and researcher based in the New York City area. A 1986 graduate of Rutgers University, King's subsequent 30 year career in marketing and advertising has equipped him with a  unique perspective when it comes to understanding how "public opinion" is scientifically manufactured. Nowhere is this mass mind control more evident than in the West's dishonest effort to vilify Russia and its dynamic leader, Vladimir Putin."







"Of making of books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh." King Solomon













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