"All those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation ought to know that war is the surest and the shortest means to accomplish it"

Alexis de Tocqueville






US threatened by Russia's Christianity

By Xavier Lerma


US threatened by Russia's Christianity. 50475.jpeg

If you ever wonder why the weasel west media always calls Putin a dictator or demonizes him, just look at what has been happening recently. By watching the US news last week one would think all of America has turned gay with the Supreme Court ruling on married same-sex couples.  The New York Times called it a, "major victories for the gay rights movement".  Some even compare it to racial equality.  If Putin was the dictator the West claims, the new law that defends Christianity would have been in effect immediately after the pussy riot blasphemy which happened last year. Recently President Putin signed a 'gay propaganda' ban and law criminalizing insult of religious feelings.

Oddly enough the West is the only place where some Christian leaders are gay. Their Christian churches omit certain biblical teachings against homosexuality. Yes, Russia's Christianity and anyone who defends it rain on the gay parade and their upside down world. In the past they demonized Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and ridiculed Christians in America as crazed right-wingers. They danced when President Reagan, Jerry Falwell and Charlton Heston died. There is no longer a real powerful conservative in the West the liberals fear. 

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Whatever happened to the USA we once knew?

This incisive documentary from RT is not to be missed!

A Century of War, Part 1: Prometheus’ Gift


A Century of War, Part 2: Collapse at Home, Devastation Abroad





AMERICA: the nightmare

To most Europeans, I guess, America now looks like the most dangerous country in the world. Since America is unquestionably the most powerful country, the transformation of America’s image within the last thirty years is very frightening for Europeans. It is probably still more frightening for the great majority of the human race who are neither Europeans nor North Americans, but are Latin Americans, Asians and Africans. They, I imagine, feel even more insecure than we feel. They feel, at any moment, American may intervene in their internal affairs, with the same appalling consequences as have followed from American intervention in Southeast Asia.

In today's climate, wherever  there is trouble, violence, suffering, tragedy, the rest of us are now quick to suspect that the CIA―the new bogey man―had a hand in it. Our phobia about the CIA is, no doubt, as fantastically excessive as America’s phobia about world communism used to be; but in this case, too, there is just enough convincing evidence to make the phobia genuine. In fact, the roles of the United States and Russia have been reversed in the eyes of much of the world. Today, America has become the nightmare.

Arnold Toynbee in 1971






CLINTON AND RUSSIA: Has US Media Forgotten the 1990s?

Americans generally have no idea what life was like for Russians during the 1990s. They naively assume that because Russia swiftly adopted capitalism, the result was great economic prosperity. The reality was quite different. ...

The result was not the establishment of a free market paradise, but rather a huge catastrophe. US Senator Bill Bradley explained it this way: “30% unemployment, rampant inflation, pensions gone, savings gone, 30 or 40 years… it’s all gone. No jobs. A few people doing very well, who bought all assets from the state, but the average person, no.”

According to Naomi Klein’s 2007 book “The Shock Doctrine” between 1991 and 1998 “more than 80 percent of Russian farms had gone bankrupt and roughly seventy thousand state factories had closed creating an epidemic of unemployment.” As a result, 74 million Russians were living below the poverty line. Klein goes on to say that “25 percent of Russians – almost 37 million people – lived in poverty described as ‘desperate.’”

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PLEASE NOTE: This article does not diminish my respect for the many US soldiers who fought so courageously in two World Wars. Nor is this intended as a slight against the many hardworking, honest and God-fearing American people.The American people as much as America's friends have been betrayed by their successive governments. (the author)


THE TRAGEDY OF TWO WORLD WARS: how we beat our enemy, but got fleeced by our 'friends'

The United States emerged from World War I as the wealthiest nation on earth, more by taking advantage of her allies than by her own exertions. The mighty dollar before 1914 had been but one currency among others. The war debts owed to the United States seemed beyond the wit of man to repay. The response of President Coolidge to his erstwhile allies financial troubles was as hardnosed as it was dismissive, “Well they hired the money, didn’t they?” Britain struggled to her debts to the United States. However, those who owed Britain money were either teetering on bankruptcy or in the case of the Soviet Union had no intention of repaying anything to capitalists. International finance after the war struggled. The exchange system, built on gold and confidence in the markets, was destroyed. There was little gold about and most of it was in America.

Twenty years later America repeated what it had done in World War I, but on a much grander scale and with a like devastating effect on Britain. Once more hanging back from entering the war for two years whilst Britain bled, the USA emerged as the undisputed leader, proprietor, protector, and policeman of the non-Communist world. The huge expansion of military bases and power was accompanied by an equally sensational expansion in trade and capital overseas. By stopping the Germans in two wars, by cutting its allies meanly down to size, American economic and political expansion was unparalleled. France and Britain especially had been reduced to second-rate powers by the treachery and self-interest of their American ‛ally’. America had developed, in the words of Senator J. William Fulbright, “an arrogance of power” and attitude of “do it our way or else”.

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Twin Towers: The full truth



Saudi Arabia to be responsible for 9/11

Although the warning was not specific about the WTC, it led to an investigation that was apparently never concluded. What people need to realize is that there was a great deal of foreknowledge about the 9/11 attacks, with a dozen governments providing warnings of various kinds prior to the attacks.





Americans renounce US citizenship to pursue destiny in Russia

By Bernard Casey

Americans in record numbers are doing what was once considered unthinkable - renouncing their US citizenship. In numerical terms, at least 1,788 Americans officially gave up their US citizenship in 2011 - more than the combined totals from 2007, 2008 and 2009 - and 2012 promises to be another record breaking year, with 461 Americans already taking this action in the first quarter of the year, according to US Treasury Department figures. Although these numbers may seem like a small percentage of the US population, the fact that there are a record number 6.3 million US citizens working abroad, and that a record number of them are renouncing their citizenship, is worthy of further consideration.

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Americans never give up your guns

Americans never give up your guns. 48982.jpeg

These days, there are few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bear arms and use deadly force to defend one's self and possessions.

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'US drawing Europe into crusade against Russia, against our interests' – ex-French PM

Published time: 10 Jun, 2015 15:49 Edited time: 12 Jun, 2015 10:26

The US is drawing European states into a “crusade” against Russia, which goes against Europe’s interests, former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has said. Speaking to French media, he stressed that Eur“Today, Europe is not independent… The US is drawing us [the EU] into a crusade against Russia, which contradicts the interests of Europe,” Fillon told the BFMTV channel.ope now is dependent on Washington.

The ex-French prime minister, who served in Nicolas Sarkozy’s government from 2007 till 2012, lashed out at Washington and its policies.

Washington, Fillon said, pursues “extremely dangerous” policies in the Middle East that the EU and European states have to agree with.

He accused German intelligence of spying on France “not in the interests of Germany but in the interests of the United States.”

Fillon pointed out that Washington is pressurizing Germany to concede to Greece and find a compromise.

READ MORE: ‘We must resist corporations’: Le Pen targets troubled TTIP deal in new campaign

He noted the “American justice system” often interferes with the work of “European justice systems.”

"Europe is not independent,” the ex-PM said, calling for “a broad debate on how Europe can regain its independence.”

This, however, would not be possible if Europe goes ahead and signs the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a proposed EU-US treaty, which has drawn much criticism for its secretiveness and lack of accountability.

“I am definitely against signing this agreement [TTIP] in the form in which it is now,” he added.

The TTIP agreement seeks to formalize the economic relationship between the EU and US economies across the board. The two partners trade nearly €1 billion (US$1.1 billion) worth of goods and services annually.

which to gorge themselves. The tyrannical government is lifted to the level of a religion before which all must bow the knee, but it is an artificial, counterfeit, apostate religion and devotion. Its countenance is composed to show appropriate piety in order to terrify the people and deter them from conspiratorial actions. No, it is the golden-headed statue of Babylon with a head of gold and feet of clay, precarious in its stance and ready to fall at a blow.

When governments persist in violent solutions, they identify themselves with tyranny and whatever the law or lawful authority permits against a tyrant must be invoked. A tyrannical government subverts the state, pillages the people, lays stratagems to entrap the lives of citizens and scoffs at the sacred obligations of an oath. If thieves and murderers commit crimes they are declared infamous outlaws and they justly suffer punishment. Can we find any less an end for infamous tyrants?

Its supporters promise €100 billion in GDP growth for the EU and almost $90-billion growth for the US, as well as the creation of over 700,000 extra jobs in the US. However, TTIP critics warn the deal would create environmental problems, a loss of economic sovereignty, bring in torrents of genetically modified food and cause unemployment.

Appeared originally on RT https://www.rt.com/news/266362-europe-us-russia-crusade/



"The way one war ends determines the shape of the next." Richard Sakwa











The first NATO supreme commander, Gen. Eisenhower, said in February 1951 of the alliance: “If in 10 years, all American troops stationed in Europe for national defense purposes have not been returned to the United States, then this whole project will have failed.”












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