"The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia" Bismarck







London beggin

The UK has been making unwise moves in an effort to ruin its relations with Russia with the help of the far-fetched Skripal case. Due to the reduction of gas production in the North Sea and declining home reserves against the backdrop of the nation's exit from the European Union, London may find itself in dire need of the Russian liquified natural gas (LNG). However, British lawmakers intend to ban the supplies of energy carriers from Russia. The UK will have to choose between its political ambitions and economics.

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Another Step Toward Devastating War




An idiot American pilot shot down a Syrian fighter that was attacking ISIS, thus confirming that Washington is not fighting ISIS, as Washington claims, but is protecting ISIS, its agent sent to Syria by Obama and Hillary to overthrow the Syrian government. General Michael Flynn revealed on a TV interview that Obama and Hillary had, over his objection as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, made the "willful decision" to send ISIS to Syria.


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What is really going on in Eastern Ukraine!

Not what the western media shows you




This is what US/EU regime change does to the lives of innocent civilians

black days

Sputnik News photojournalist, Valery Melnikov

The illegitimate government in Kiev has never accepted the Minsk agreements (2015/16). Since its inception they have resorted to attacking the eastern Donbass part of the country. In particular they have been deliberately hitting civilian targets. Anecdotal accounts have reached us of women out shopping being deliberately targeted. What gets into the heads and hearts of fanatics ready to kill their own countrymen. Many of the Nazi militia groups attached to the regular Ukrainian army have also been shooting at any regular soldiers trying to escape. They have also threatened the OSCE inpectors, who have show themselves to be pretty useless.




Whither Ukraine?

Donetsk and Luhansk are under seige, but what of the rest of Ukraine?

Attention is rightly focussed on Donetsk and Luhansk and the virtual daily shelling of the population by Kiev's military forces assisted by the neo-Nazi groups from the west of the country. We must not forget the encouragement and financing of this reprehensible situation by the USA and her NATO allies. The active participation of the CIA that has gone on for years in order to harass Russia, the open support by US politicians like Biden and McCain, is all well-documented. We must recognise and expose this as infamy pursued in the interests of imperial strategies of global dominance against the common interests of the general population.


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This what is being done in our name by encouraging the Kiev mobsters.

When is someone going to bring this senseless killing to an end? This is NOT the doing of Russia

Gorlovka Resident's message to the USA, EU & Ukraine


A recent video from Patrick Lancaster who deserves all the support he can get. Join Team PLnewstoday and help him show the world what is really happening in the Ukraine War plus get access to more premium content. Subscribe at https://plnewstoday.onfastspring.com/...



Above: Number of houses of Horlivka, damaged as a result of one night of shelling reached sixteen


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US threatened by Russia's Christianity

By Xavier Lerma


US threatened by Russia's Christianity. 50475.jpeg

If you ever wonder why the weasel west media always calls Putin a dictator or demonizes him, just look at what has been happening recently. By watching the US news last week one would think all of America has turned gay with the Supreme Court ruling on married same-sex couples.  The New York Times called it a, "major victories for the gay rights movement".  Some even compare it to racial equality.  If Putin was the dictator the West claims, the new law that defends Christianity would have been in effect immediately after the pussy riot blasphemy which happened last year. Recently President Putin signed a 'gay propaganda' ban and law criminalizing insult of religious feelings.

Oddly enough the West is the only place where some Christian leaders are gay. Their Christian churches omit certain biblical teachings against homosexuality. Yes, Russia's Christianity and anyone who defends it rain on the gay parade and their upside down world. In the past they demonized Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and ridiculed Christians in America as crazed right-wingers. They danced when President Reagan, Jerry Falwell and Charlton Heston died. There is no longer a real powerful conservative in the West the liberals fear. 

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The imagined ‘threat’ from Russia

It would now seem that Vladimir Putin is assuming the role of the new bogeyman. Certainly, he has expressed his disdain for many ‘western values’ and refuses to conform. His apparent authoritarian approach makes him a ruthless dictator in the eyes of many wimpy western leaders. As a former KGB officer, he has resources at his disposal to enable him to steer the outcome of the US elections in favour of Donald Trump, so we are led to believe, even although there is no credible evidence to support the accusations. Even Mrs Merkel has rumoured that Mr Putin could be about to instigate her downfall through hacking or ‘fake news’. Would that he really could do this, we should have a lot to thank him for! If Merkel is brought down she will have done it by her own stupidity. Yet despite all this nonsense, unlike his predecessors in the Kremlin, we need to remember that Putin was elected by a largely free and fair election and enjoys an 80% popularity rating. Something western leaders can only dream of. He is a Russian nationalist and totally committed to acting in his country’s best interests.


Anti-Russian rhetoric has reached to point of being obviously foolish. Social media has been full of well-deserved mockery. No evidence for any of the claims has been forthcoming and press officers in Washington stutter and stumble. Some wiser souls have backtracked saying it was all an insider leak. ‘Mutti’ Merkel herself has expressed fears for similar reasons for next year’s German elections. Of course, the Russians made sure the British would vote to leave the EU. Russia unlike the USA is not seeking world-wide domination.

It is time to call a halt to this rubbish lest someone make a disastrous mistake.

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Despite the tripe and nonsense about Russia peddled in the western media, the reality is quite different. There is nothing like drawing attention to others in order to cover your own nakedness.

Putin tells the West of its own problems

Putin tells the West of its own problems. 59133.jpeg
Source: Kremlin.ru

On October 17, President Vladimir Putin, when visiting Sochi, delivered a speech at the plenary session of Valdai International Discussion Club. Most of his speech was dedicated to Russia's foreign policy and relations with Western countries.

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Ukraine's Poroshenko linked to corruption

News report from RT

Earlier in December, a fugitive Ukrainian MP and a former close ally of Poroshenko, Aleksandr Onishchenko claimed that the Ukrainian leader had been deeply involved in corruption schemes, including buying the votes of lawmakers. Following the allegations, online Ukrainian newspaper strana.ua released an audio recording leaked by Onishchenko, which claimed to deliver proof of embezzlement.


Speaking to RT, Onishchenko said that most of the money from the International Monetary Fund to Ukraine, is being used by President Poroshenko and his allies to fuel the ongoing civil war in the east of the country. However, the president's administration rebuffed the accusations, while security services accused the MP of treason.

Onishchenko, who now lives in exile in the UK, fled Ukraine in the summer after being charged with embezzling tens of millions of dollars. His revelations caused quite a stir in the Ukrainian press as well as in major international news outlets, like The Independent and The Times.







Has US Media Forgotten the 1990s?

Americans generally have no idea what life was like for Russians during the 1990s. They naively assume that because Russia swiftly adopted capitalism, the result was great economic prosperity. The reality was quite different. ...

The result was not the establishment of a free market paradise, but rather a huge catastrophe. US Senator Bill Bradley explained it this way: “30% unemployment, rampant inflation, pensions gone, savings gone, 30 or 40 years… it’s all gone. No jobs. A few people doing very well, who bought all assets from the state, but the average person, no.”

According to Naomi Klein’s 2007 book “The Shock Doctrine” between 1991 and 1998 “more than 80 percent of Russian farms had gone bankrupt and roughly seventy thousand state factories had closed creating an epidemic of unemployment.” As a result, 74 million Russians were living below the poverty line. Klein goes on to say that “25 percent of Russians – almost 37 million people – lived in poverty described as ‘desperate.’”

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Serious development in Crimea

Russian FSB foils terrorist attacks plotted by Ukrainian intel agents in Crimea

Groups of heavily armed terrorist infiltrators from Ukraine were defeated by Russian forces after the invaders were reported by locals. Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a statement (below)

This article appeared first on RT website

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has prevented terrorist attacks in Crimea that were planned by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency, the FSB said.

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Gorbachev: 'Crimea is Russia, and let someone prove otherwise'

Gorbachev: 'Crimea is Russia, and let someone prove otherwise'. Mikhail Gorbachev


When asked whether Vladimir Putin had "imperialist ambitions" in view of "Crimea's annexation" and Russia's intervention in the Syrian conflict, Gorbachev responded negatively. "No. Firstly, in the Crimea, there was a referendum that very clearly defined the will of its citizens. Secondly, Crimea is Russia, and let someone prove otherwise. In Syria, on the other hand, there is a fight against terrorism, and Russia is doing his duty," Mikhail Gorbachev said. 


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  • Putin to Obama: You're Turning the USA Into a Godless Sewer
  • Putin rejects Socialism

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"A varnished lie is worse than naked poison" Nathaniel West









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