“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thought.” John Locke




On Thursday 21st April 2016, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was presented with the International Four Freedoms award at a ceremony in the Dutch city of Middelburg. This is surely one of those bizarre occasions when with disbelief one can claim to be genuinely lost for words. These medals are presented in alternate years by the Dutch-based Roosevelt Foundation and the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute in New York. Doubtless, the source of this award speaks volumes and shows how little such honours ever reflect reality or the sentiments of real people. Whatever next, a Nobel Peace Prize? It would be as contradictory as that awarded to Obama in 2009. Angela Merkel received this award for the leadership she is said to have shown in the crises that have hit Europe in recent years: for the way in which she managed the financial meltdown and also the massive tide of migration. We are told, “Mrs Merkel is committed to Europe’s humanitarian duty to protect those fleeing war and conflict in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and to tackle the causes of the crisis by working for peace in Syria and the region.” What? This woman is a prize numpty, unbending and arrogant she has pressed forward with policies that have only made everything she has touched much worse.

What about European economic strategy? Squeeze Greece until the pips squeak. The lousy, lazy Greeks can lose their pensions, their hospitals, schools and jobs or halve their salaries ― but the German banks?  Give money to Greece? Sure, but only so that German and French banks can receive it all back again and keep their heads above the waterline. They must not lose a cent. So what, if their country carries an unmanageable burden of immigrants? Greece continues to receive only lamentable help from the rest of Europe in order to meet the huge influx of refugees. Should the pressure increase, then the possibility of a Grexit becomes ever more likely just to shed the impossible debt burden. The financial problems in the country continue as the Greek government balks at the ever-increasing pressure to implement yet more austerity measures. Right now the Greek Government is once more on its knees begging Europe for a further €5 billion. Next time the demonstrations and riots will doubtless be even more violent as desperation translates into anger.

And what of Merkel’s immigration policy? All immigrants are welcome, so she says, even if this leads to increased tensions among the European States. Many set out on their perilous trip to Europe only because they heard of Merkel’s invitation. “We can do it,” she cried jubilantly as the first trainload of refugees pulled into the main railway station in Munich. The Germans would show everyone that that they were different from others: kinder, more humanitarian than Hungary and other East European countries who were wisely digging their heels in. The crowds stood on the platforms and cheered and clapped. This has all changed; it has all gone sour. The realities accompanying this incoming sweeping tide of humanity of over a million immigrants seeking a better life at Merkel’s behest have now flooded the country. Bild am Sonntag, a popular boulevard newspaper posed, somewhat rhetorically, the question: “Ist Merkel noch die Richtige?” Meaning, is Merkel still the right person to be running the country? Her popularity is now bouncing along the bottom of the poll ratings. To date, no rival has yet appeared from within her party, the CDU, who would dare challenge her. Her most vocal opponent is Horst Seehofer, leader of the CSU, the sister party to the CDU, but operating only within Bavaria he cannot claim nationwide support.
Whilst threatening to take the Government to the Constitutional Court, Seehofer has done little else apart from expressing his outrage and reintroducing controls at the Austrian border. One wonders what that former leader of his party Franz Josef Strauss would have made of it all. Knowing his reputation, he certainly would not have tackled the problem wearing silken gloves. He was something of an Enoch Powell type figure with spikes.

Although becoming increasingly isolated, Merkel seems to have lost her reputed pragmatism and resisted all pressure to cap the influx of refugees, still less to close the borders as others have done. With 1.1 million having crossed the borders in the last 12 months and 300,000 granted asylum status, it has been calculated that the adventure will have cost the German taxpayer €36 billion by 2017. In her blind foolishness, Merkel seems to be still pinning her hopes on these insurgents one day returning to the countries they came from. There is no evidence and few precedents to show that this will ever happen. Most protest that they have come to stay, because Mrs Merkel invited them to come. Is she now to wriggle out of her rash promises? Seeking to calm the mood of her own CDU, she stated, “We need ... to say to people that this is a temporary residential status and we expect that, once there is peace in Syria again, once IS has been defeated in Iraq, that you go back to your home country with the knowledge you have gained.” Is this woman for real? What is she going to do in a few years’ time? Will she drag their children out of the schools where they have settled, from the universities where they study, take away their employment and force them all onto planes back home? Not a hope. Of course they will stay when they can go to a doctor and pay nothing and are given €330 a month pocket money. This is far more money than any could even dream of earning back home. Many German see the whole business as wrongheaded and are turning decidedly against their Chancellor. They see the immigrants sitting in the camps and hostels with nothing better to do than stare into their mobile phone or watch TV. The Germans are kind? No, they must be mad.

The mood in the rest of Europe

Another vain hope is that other European leaders will pull her out of the mess for which she is to a great degree responsible. They need to offer more help “because the numbers need to be reduced even further and must not start to rise again.” Angrily defending her misguided policies from the brickbats of other European countries, she continually voices her despair as they refuse her nightmare dream of open door immigration. The attitude seems to be: you invited them Merkel, you take them. Polite diplomatic language has been displaced by savage attacks. There is deep resentment and Merkel is having to take the blame for the millions coming into Europe following her rash promise of asylum for all. She continues defiantly to put any limit and the number of refugees entering Germany. Her words: “It is my damn duty to do everything I can so that Europe finds a collective way.”

In the meantime, what have other European leaders said and done? Austria has announced a daily cap on numbers entering the country in a bid to stop the never-ending flow of immigrants. Attacking Angela Merkel directly, Austria suggested she fly migrants directly from Greece to Germany to relieve the pressure on the countries between the two. In a very frosty interview on Austrian radio, the country’s defence minister, Hans Peter Doskozil made clear, “The German Chancellor ... said that formally there is no upper limit in Germany. Then, I would invite her to take the people, who arrive in Greece now and whom she wants to take care of, directly to Germany.” Last year, Austria received around 88,000 asylum applications which is 6,000 more than the number of births in the country. Heinz Fischer, the Austrian president, has made clear, “This cannot become a permanent state of affairs.” The country has now effectively sealed off its borders with Italy using rigid border controls. The crossing at the Brenner Pass in Tyrol, the main motorway connection to Italy, will prove to be particularly irritating for the heavy goods vehicles bringing goods into both Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. Protests from Italy are falling on deaf ears. Elsewhere, Austria is to spend €1 million tightening controls at other borders and erecting high fences to deter immigrants. The truly determined may try other routes, including other passes over the mountains.

Tensions are rising between Austrians and immigrants with increasing incidents of violence. Muslim immigrants in Vienna have instituted ‛Sharia Patrols’. In seeking to take control of whole neighbourhoods of the city, they tour the clubs and bars to make sure that Chechen women particularly are properly dressed and behaving with appropriate Islamic decorum. One Austrian man intervened when they began hassling his Chechen wife and daughter, but soon ended up in hospital. As in Germany and other places, Vienna at the weekend will see immigrants fighting each other, Afghans against Chechen, colliding with planks of wood, knives, and iron bars. In the cities of Linz, Graz, Sankt Polten and Salzburg such bloody encounters are common. People living in the affected neighbourhoods are reluctant to go out in the evening or at night.

Greece, as anticipated, continues to struggle. She hits out at the totally inadequate response of the rest of Europe to her overwhelming difficulties. Thousands of migrants remain trapped at the northern border with Macedonia. Daily attempts are made to smash down the border in order to travel on their way to Germany. Thodoris Dritsas, minister responsible for shipping, said, “These people do not want to stay here. Even if we had a system in place for them to stay here permanently it would not work.” What of Switzerland, not even a member of the EU, but part of Schengen? They are limiting the flow of immigrants across the borders, backing it with the force of the law, flying in the face of accusations from Brussels that this contravenes free movement rules. The president of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, said, “Migration is a serious problem. Europe, Finland, the Western way of thinking and our values have all been challenged by it.” Most outspoken and courageous has been the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban. His criticism of Germany and Merkel in particular has been relentless. The pleas from Brussels for him to change his plans have been ignored. He is in the process of building a huge border fence that will eventually completely cut off northern Europe from the Balkans. He is doing so in defence of Christian Europe, he maintains. “We will teach Brussels, the human traffickers and the migrants that Hungary is a sovereign country.” Macedonia, Poland, Croatia and several others have all voiced their misgivings in clear language. Even Germany’s closest ally, France, is now doubting Merkel’s policies. It does not appear that any time in the near future France is likely to have much success persuading her near neighbour to abandon the present course.

Meanwhile, at the height of all this European mayhem, David Cameron was strutting around European countries like a one-legged bantam cockerel in the forlorn hope of squeezing something out of his European counterparts that he could take back to Britain as a deal for ‘reform’. He got nothing worth speaking of and nothing that was legally binding. Whilst others were talking about the swathes of refugees crossing the Balkans or drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, he was wittering on about such complex issues as child benefit. He was effective only irritating everyone else. What a clown! He would have done better travelling around Europe’s capital cities as did Viktor Orban in an effort to garner support for a total rejection of any attempt by Brussels to impose mandatory migrant quotas. Orban has been successful in obtaining support from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic for a new plan involving greater protection for individual States. He has promised a referendum for the Hungarian people: “If we do not stop Brussels with a referendum, they will impose on us masses of people, with whom we do not wish to live together.” (see video) It seems highly likely that other countries will follow suit, depriving Brussels of power. Slovakia and the Czech Republic will take legal action should any such orders come down from the EU to take in immigrants. Czech Prime Minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, said very recently, “I expect the line of opposition will be wider. Let us talk about legal action against the proposal when it is necessary.”

The current crises in Europe have the political élites deeply worried. According to Italy’s Europhile, Romano Prodi, economist and Prime Minister from 2011 to 2013, “The EU is going through a crisis which leads me and others for the first time to consider whether we are not heading towards disintegration.” Martin Schultz has voiced similar concerns. Schengen looks as though it has died on the vine and the even the whole EU project has been put in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, back in Germany

According to recent press reports, it appears on the surface that more than half of the 1.1 million registered asylum seekers have completely disappeared off the radar. A spokesman for the German Interior Ministry suggested that delays in processing applicants accounts for many of these missing persons.  Officials have no idea where most of them have gone. It may well be that some are not missing at all because many have been found to have applied several times with a view of eventually ending up in the city of their choice. This is due to the way the Germans have organised the registration of asylum seekers. In the initial registration they give little more than their country of origin. After being dispersed around the country according to a strict quota system, they are then required to make their formal application for asylum. Many have done this several times over, often under different identities, causing only an illusion of disappearance. To date not even half the number said to have entered Germany have completed this process. Then there will be those who have simply left Germany for somewhere else. No one really seems to know what has happened.

Once in Germany and settled in reception camps, the young men have time on their hands and little money. One disturbing development is the attempt by German criminal gangs to recruit new members from their number. A few days after the establishment of such camps, black limousines occupied by gang recruiters can be seen cruising the area. The head of the police union in Berlin has said that there are in the city criminal family clans with Arabic, Asian and Russian connections. They operate as a kind of Mafia. Young girls from these camps end up in brothels and the young men doing dirty work for the gangs, burglaries, drug trafficking, physical violence.

The German population can see what is going on and are far from happy. In the recent State elections, the German establishment received something of a knock. Not sufficient that they yet seem to be greatly affected by it. The AfD party [Alternativ für Deutschland] formed in 2013 made huge gains at the expense of Merkel’s CDU/CSU coalition. In Baden-Würtemberg, they overtook the Social Democrats, currently in the ruling coalition. The party is pressing for a referendum similar to that currently underway in Britain, a nightmare scenario for Merkel. Whilst their opponents attempt to smear them, the party’s view is that they want to help those in desperate need, but they cannot take such numbers in Germany, especially if they plan only to take advantage of the generous benefits system. Unsettling for Merkel are the aspirations of the AfD, especially the referendum demands. Deputy chairman, Beatrix von Storch MEP said this recently, “Schengen has collapsed already. Under Schengen Europe’s borders are supposed to be protected. They are not. A referendum is the only way German people can truly express if they want to stay in the EU, if they want to stay in the Euro, if they want to reform border controls to deal with the migrant crisis. They must be asked what they want.”

Other countries too are questioning their relationship with Brussels and the whole structure of the union on the ground is becoming increasingly shaky. In a recent vote 53% of the French population favoured a referendum on their membership of the EU. 25% want an end to free movement especially in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. In the Netherlands a poll has shown that 53% of the population favour an in-out referendum.

The Turkish solution

The admission of Turkey to membership of the EU, once so much opposed by Germany yet welcomed by Britain is likely to further disrupt the fragile relationship between the EU Commission and the peoples of Europe. Popular mistrust against the political élites of Europe is inevitable. Accession talks are currently underway. Turkey is seen by most as contributing to the problems and cannot ever be thought of as a solution. When reasoned argument fails abuse takes over. Aiman Mazyek, head of the Central Council of Muslims speaks of a ‘wave of Islamophobia’. A phobia is an irrational fear, suspicion towards Islam is well-founded both from its teachings, current activities across Europe, and historical record. Speaking on German television he said, “It is the first time since Hitler’s Germany that a whole religious community is discredited and existentially threatened.” Mention of Hitler shows the man to be clutching at straws, calling upon emotion, sentiment, and not intelligent argument. We must recognise that Islam is more than a mere ‘religious community’. It is an ideology committed to destroying our way of life and in particular any Christian values we may still have left. Vice Chancellor and Social Democrat, Sigmar Gabriel, not a man known for very many illuminating insights, has also accused opponents of Islam of using language similar to Hitler’s Nazis. Again, this is a man who has reached the end of his very short piece of string when it comes to sensible argument. Germany seems to be following the route to self-destruction at breakneck speed. Opponents to further mass immigration are told that most Muslims respect the law of the land where they have settled, despite clear evidence to the contrary. Furthermore, it is claimed banning symbols of their religion is an affront to their human rights, not that last refuge again! The German AfD states in a proposal to go into their manifesto for the November 2017 elections: “Orthodox Islam does not respect our legal system and makes claim to power as the only valid religion and this is incompatible with our legal system and culture. We call for a general ban of full concealment by the burka and Niqab in public and in the civil service. No headscarf may be worn in schools by Muslim teachers or students because the headscarf is a symbol of the religious-political character of Islam relating to the subordination of women under men. There should no longer be special arrangements for Muslim students, participation in school trips and sports activities ― such as mixed swimming lessons ― must, apply without exception.” Much of this will find a huge resonance in Germany itself and beyond in the rest of Europe.

A plan has been hurriedly hatched to send thousands of immigrants to Turkey, not before reaching the EU, which would have made some sense, but after they arrive.  Greece is still struggling, with little or no help from Brussels or anywhere else, to cope where riots, fights, and unimaginably inhuman conditions prevail in the camps.  In its desperation the EU sees Turkey as the solution. All this despite the abuse of power there, despite the vicious attacks on civilian Kurds in the east of the country, despite the curtailing of the freedom to criticise the regime in the press, on the internet and even in private conversations. President Recep Tayip Erdogan is a throwback to the worst excesses of historical Turkish tyranny and despotism that we all thought Turkey had turned its back on. Apparently, this horror seems to have revived.  All this at a time when the prospect of them joining the EU seems greater than it was before. Tens of thousands of migrants who do not qualify for asylum in the EU will be deported back to Turkey.  Yet, Erdogan’s Turkey can hardly be thought of as a ‘safe country’ for asylum seekers. There is no legal backing in Turkish law that guarantees secure status for any refugees. It is little wonder there are riots in Lesbos camps at the thought of being shipped back to Turkey. No Syrian and probably no other immigrant is likely to be treated with dignity as Turkish detention does not meet EU standards. A country whose border guards are said to have shot Syrians at its border, most of them women and children, can hardly be expected to do much of a job looking after anyone. Turkey will offer to take 2.7 million illegal immigrants in return for £6 billion of European money ― our contribution to this sum is likely to be around £500 million ― and the easing of visa restrictions and eventual visa free entry for Turkish citizens into the Europe. Another demand is faster progress on eventual EU membership, something previously enthusiastically agreed to by William Hague and David Cameron. Angela Merkel is energetic in promoting this deal and unrelenting in dishing out thin assurances. As can well be imagined, not every European politician is particularly enthusiastic, to say the least. The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel accused Turkey of blackmail saying the country is ‘asking for a lot’. Not really, rather, Turkey is being used as a warehouse for Europe’s immigrant problems ― out of sight out of mind. So, we must expect some kind of a payment in return. The President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaite doubts practicality of the plan and believes the deal to be ‘very much on the edge of international law’. French citizens too are alarmed at the thought of 75 million Turkish citizens being able to traverse Europe without a visa.

The arrangements cobbled together with Turkey are grossly irresponsible, probably illegal and unlikely to work. The one-in swapped against one-out principle in the plan is reckless. It does nothing to alleviate the situation. The EU will take one immigrant from Turkey for one every one returned from Greece. What kind of a good deal is that? Without doubt, the sea crossings will continue and more lives will be lost. Immigrants should not be treated as though they were cattle. They will not stay put and further attempts will be made to enter Europe with yet more loss of life at sea. The promise is to resettle Syrian refugees that have come from Turkey to Europe when everyone knows that by far the majority of these illegals do not come from Syria at all. Where are they to go? The whole scheme presumes that EU countries as a whole will be more willing to offer places to successful applicants when, judged by past experience, this is just not going to materialise.

Merkel is bending over backwards to appease Ankara. To give in to the demands of tyrants only means they will come back for more. This has proved to be the case with Turkey. The country had already been promised €3 billion to manage the 2.5 million refugees within its borders, most of whom were fleeing the fighting in Syria. The mild mannered Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu one Sunday evening in Brussels treated Angela Merkel to a five-hour dinner during the course of which he stated that they now wanted double the amount of money, €6 billion. Not only this, he made it abundantly clear that by June of 2016 he wanted to see visa free travel throughout the EU for all Turkish citizens or the whole deal is off. The Turks have not stuck to any of the previous arrangements how will they manage the new one? No money and he will flood the EU with immigrants. Ankara will not stop until they achieve EU membership and that without the demands being made upon them to conform to the 72 technical conditions and being insisted upon by the French.

Erdogan is not a man with whom any country boasting an ounce of humanity should be doing business. He is a vicious tyrant ruling at the centre of a thoroughly corrupt regime. Yet the European leaders are trying to convince us Turkey is a country like any other when it ought to be classed as a pariah State. The power of the secular military has been crushed using subversion and accusations of treason. Critics and protesters have found themselves facing extreme violence. No investigation of corruption will ever take place as judges and prosecutors are fired on a whim and police detectives shuffled off to remote areas of the country to perform mundane duties. Erdogan has done nothing to stop thousands of foreign Jihadis passing through Turkey to join ISIS. His own support for Islamist rebels fighting Assad’s government has exacerbated an already bloody civil war. His threat to invade northern Syria was met with veiled threats from Vladimir Putin about the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Turkey. Seeing the effectiveness of the Russian military in Syria, Erdogan was wise to back down. There are also continual stories from individuals in the region, including Turkish reporters who were quickly whisked off to jail, of Turkey having bought oil from ISIS and having been caught supplying them with arms. Is this really a regime that should be considered for EU membership?

Within Turkey itself, Erdogan’s regime is shutting down all opposition with unrelenting brutality. Police stormed into the offices of Turkey’s most widely read newspaper Zaman in Istanbul using tear gas to round up the staff. Water cannons and yet more tear gas appeared from nowhere to attack the crowds that had gathered outside the building. Ordinary citizens deemed to have insulted the president are likely to quickly find themselves in prison. Opposition satellite television stations have been taken off air and at least twenty of their journalists jailed.

What has been quite extraordinary is Merkel’s willingness to allow Erdogan to exercise his repressive measures beyond the boundaries of his own country. A German satirist, Jan Bohmermann, read out a poem on TV, somewhat beyond acceptable taste it must be said and certainly something about which the Turkish president might want to object. So far there is no problem. Bohmermann knew very well that he was being provocative and testing the patience of his own government. What was unexpected was the encouragement from the German Chancellor for the Turkish Government to press for prosecution under a rarely-used piece of legislation dating back to 1871 and Kaiser Wilhelm II.  It could land the offender with a five-year jail sentence. Seeking to redeem herself from this embarrassing affair, Merkel did say the law would be scrapped by 2018. The damage, however, was already done and she was quickly accused of compromising Germany’s values to win Erdogan’s continued co-operation. After all, it is his hand on the sluice gates and he can quickly throw them open to flood Europe with immigrants. Anger in Germany has been aimed both at Erdogan and Merkel in this matter.

All that Erdogan has succeeded in doing is inspiring yet others to poke fun at him and try to outdo each other in producing equally lewd satire. A quite similar incident to that in Germany took place in Holland involving the well-known Dutch comedian, Hans Teeuwen. Unlike in Germany, Dutch MPs took the side of the comedian. The magazine Spectator in the UK started a competition for the best poem with which to insult the Turkish leader. It is questionable as to whether anything positive can come out of such satire. Nevertheless, the lengths to which this tyrant will go to squash all criticism at home and abroad have been exposed. Further to the incident in the Netherlands, Turkey’s General Consulate in Rotterdam issued a request to all Turkish nationals living in the country to supply details of content and identity of anyone in the country insulting the Turkish president be it on Twitter, Facebook, or a personal email. Politicians in Holland are talking of the ‘long arm of Ankara’. Quite clearly, Erdogan is busy turning his own country into a police state and at the same time wants to control what is being said about himself in other countries. The Dutch people are generally outraged. The politicians’ response was different to that of Angela Merkel and they announced their intention to scrap the legislation that makes insulting a friendly head of state a criminal offence. The Turkish Consulate was immediately made aware of the government’s concerns. Meanwhile the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, told journalists, “I am surprised. It’s not clear what the Turkish government aims to achieve with this action. Our ambassador in Ankara will ask for an explanation.”

Ankara shows no sign of backing down, but has stepped up its demands. Turkey demanded that a photograph in an exhibition in Geneva be removed. It showed an opposition protester holding a banner blaming Erdogan for the death of a teenager fatally injured in mass demonstrations against him.

Turkey has always been very sensitive to the mass killings of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire in 1915 being called genocide. It is thought that upwards of 1.5 million people were cruelly butchered. Turkey recently demanded that the EU should withdraw €200,000 funding for an orchestral performance in Dresden to be held on April 30th, 2016 which referred to the event as genocide ― don’t let them sing about the genocide! It is almost beyond belief that the EU gave way and made the grant dependent upon the withdrawal of the word genocide. Markus Rindt, director of the Dresdener Sinfoniker said, “We find it all very questionable. It’s an infringement on freedom of expression.”

The response in Europe as a whole is very mixed. In Sweden a demand in a letter from the Turkish embassy that a Swedish TV4 channel pull a documentary was laughed off. Less known than the killing of the Armenians is that of the slaughter of an estimated 250,000 Assyrians, also a genocide by the Ottomans. There is a sizeable Assyrian community still living in Sweden. The response from the station’s programme director, Viveka Hansson, was, “We can never accept this. We will protest against any attempt to exert pressure that threatens freedom of expression.” The letter from the embassy was shown on the channel’s website before the showing of the film.

The sexual assaults

Around forty years ago Britain began to take in serious numbers of immigrants. Those objecting were quickly identified as bigoted. The road to multiculturalism had begun to be mapped out. We all needed lessons now in ‘diversity’. Multiculturalism was the buzz word. One aspect of this new society was the sexual harassment experienced by young white teenage girls. One young woman was recently in court for shouting ‘racist abuse’ at a Muslim. It is amazing how quickly such complaints are dealt with by the police, but the Muslim brothel in which she had been forced to work as a teenager had then been no concern of the police and they refused to investigate. All too often victims have been brushed off by police and not believed by social workers. Again the charge of accusations of being racist is feared by public officials. The drugs trade and sexual exploitation have persisted in many of our large cities. As has now come to light, literally thousands of young girls were involved, often from poor or broken homes, but certainly at the underprivileged end of society. For years this has been a taboo subject and those wishing to draw attention to the problem again were quickly labelled as being racist. No newspaper would touch the story, public officials covered up what they did know, and the police continually refused to investigate even blaming the girls themselves.

The true extent of this sordid business became clear when one gang of Pakistani men in the north of England was convicted and jailed after appearing in court in Bradford. One young girl of fifteen years of age was violated in turn by twelve Asian youths. They also pestered her at home making obscene telephone calls, even turning up at the house when her mother and stepfather were not there threatening to douse the place in petrol and burn it down should she refuse their sexual advances.  In a similar case in Manchester a gang of Somalis was convicted of rape. Female supporters, members of their family shouted vile abuse at the judge and jury when the verdicts were read out so that the court had to be cleared. Rochdale and Rotherham are towns that have become linked in the public mind with the activities of Asian street-grooming gangs. There are at least fourteen such trials that have taken place up and down the country: Oxford, Derby, Leeds, Aylesbury, Telford, Banbury, Middlesbrough, Dewsbury, Carlisle, Burnley and Blackpool. In total to date 66 men, mostly of Pakistani background have been sentenced. Enquiries in Rotherham yet to run their course have already identified 300 potential predominantly Asian suspects. It is thought that around 1400 young women have been abused in the last 16 years. The response to these events on the part of sections of the Muslim community has been disappointing, blaming the girls and saying that they consented. At times the evidence to the contrary has been overwhelming, a young woman being attacked and subjected to rape by groups of several men is hardly consensual. The attacks have generally been against white girls. They are seen as available and worthless. The same attacks on any Muslim girl would without doubt have caused outrage in their community with brothers and fathers going after the culprits and possibly being severely beaten or even killed. Some of the offenders have taken themselves off back to their countries of origin, usually Pakistan or Bangladesh, as soon as police enquiries began in earnest.

The mutual conspiracy of silence continues to this day. Just recently a young woman was sexually assaulted by a gang of men in a car park of the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. She was snatched from a bus stop. The police arrested 11 suspects, one was released without charge, the other ten released on police bail, despite it being such a serious attack. What is even more disturbing is that there seems to have been a deliberate attempt to keep the matter hushed up. It only came to light six weeks after the event when rumours reached the ears of journalists. Clearly, the owners of the shopping centre have an interest in keeping a lid on things. The police have refused to disclose the identity of the attackers, but let’s face it, had they been a group of bikers or football hooligans we would have known all about it pretty quickly.

These events in Britain provide us with a background to what has been happening on the Continent since the Cologne sex attacks on New Year’s Eve and the accompanying police and government cover-up. There were 350 complaints of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve in Cologne alone. The perpetrators were said to have been mostly young men of ‘North African’ origin.  An internal memo was apparently sent to the Cologne police from the German government ordering them to remove the word ‘rape’ from their reports. Since these ominous beginnings, the German government has admitted to setting aside €200 million to deal with sex attacks in refugee camps. What has been the German Government’s enlightened response to the attacks do far? They have printed brochures to hand to young male immigrants on how to behave correctly with women. Wow, now that should really do the trick.

Yet the attacks, gropings, molestations and harassment carry on unabated in Magdeburg, Bremen, Berlin and elsewhere. Women travellers on trains out of Leipzig are being encouraged to use the women only carriages provided. This in a country where cities up until now have largely been safe for men and women even in the hours of darkness. In many towns street lights were often turned off after midnight or earlier and rarely would anything untoward happen.

What could be done right now

The truth is that Angela Merkel’s policies are doing little to help the plight of these unfortunate human beings. In the long term, they will not be assimilated or integrated into the communities receiving them. What has happened in the UK after decades of immigrants settling here should sound a warning. Whilst some live well among us, Chinese and Indians, the Muslims do not. Even so, our larger cities, rather than being examples of the much vaunted multicultural cultural society, are divided up into very distinct ghettoes. Some areas are ‘no go’ areas for indigenous British citizens. A leader of the AfD party in Germany, Alexander Gauland, has pinpointed the problem precisely. Speaking recently, he said, “Islam is not a religion like Catholic or Protestant Christianity, but rather is always associated intellectually with a takeover of the state.”

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have attempted the perilous trip across the Mediterranean to Italy, others from Turkey to Greece. There are almost weekly reports of horrendous loss of life as very often several hundred at a time drown in their desperate attempt to reach Europe. What can be done? We might well learn from the Australian experience.  In 2015 the then PM, Tony Abbott, warned, “a country that can’t control its borders starts to lose control of itself.” Labor and the Left, the Greens all said that Abbotts ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ would not work. They were mistaken. Introduced in 2013, almost overnight it brought a halt to arrivals by sea and put the notorious people smugglers out of business. The Royal Australian Navy were under orders to operate a strict ‘turn them back where they came from’ policy. For his troubles Tony Abbott was ousted from office. His replacement, Prime Minister Turnbull, a PC orientated member of Australia’s lamentable political class, attempted to scrap the scheme under the guise of compassion. Yet, it was Abbott’s scheme that was most compassionate as it stopped the growing number of deaths at sea. Like many here in Europe, Abbott expressed his understanding and sense of moral obligation for those fleeing for their lives, but did not see why Australia should accommodate those convinced they had some God-given right to settle anywhere they like simply because they would rather live in a prosperous Western country rather than stay in their own. Were would-be asylum seekers afloat in the Mediterranean or the Aegean Seas to be turned back from whence they came, for most of them it would be an act of human kindness. Current European policy towards immigrants is heartless, cruel and inhumane. In a very recent incident, it is thought around 500 people fell into the sea and drowned when a boat capsized as they were being transferred from one vessel to another. Such incidents are likely to continue and be encouraged by current European policies. These people will not be deterred.

Why on earth are they letting all these people in?

Well we might ask. Surely this is not accidental and something significant could be done to prevent it happening were there a will to do so. How can it be that apparently not completely unintelligent individuals are so intent on seeing Europe overrun with immigrants of a different cultural background following a religion, Islam, that is totally incompatible with the Christian traditions of our different countries? The answer is not far away should we care to look, but it is one that we are not supposed to see, still less one that will be tested by any democratic process.

The ultimate aim of the European Commission is to see a totally integrated United States of Europe established quite apart from the democratic will of the peoples of Europe. Left wing parties in particularly favour such a move and call continually for a no-borders policy towards movements of people. Those seriously opposing this underhand politicking generally find themselves marked out as being far-right, even Nazi, and are subjected to torrents of abuse and may even face physical violence. Such a united Europe can only be achieved where patriotic sentiment is abolished and national consciousness utterly stifled. Nationhood for these people is redundant, ‘one world, one people’, anyone disagreeing must be some kind of misfit. Endless immigration is a means of achieving this end. Islam is being used to eliminate the dominance of the Christian faith; the influx of as many different cultures, languages and people in a multi-cultural mix will see traditional European values and traditions watered down to a common bland pseudo-culture. Europe is a grouping on their global map that should include Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, in fact the whole of Europe. Of course, Vladimir Putin will have none of this for Russia where Russian ideals, traditions and history, the social cohesion provided by the Orthodox faith all loom large and are non-negotiable. Therefore, Putin must be toppled.

British politicians blather perpetually about ‘British sovereignty’, but either they are blissfully ignorant of what is going on behind the scenes in Europe or, more likely, they know very well and are scared stiff to breathe a word particularly in the face of the coming in/out referendum. Germany, France, Italy and Luxemburg just last September signed a document in Rome calling for a ‘general union of States’. This move would see the complete integration of economic and fiscal matters, internal markets, social and cultural affairs, foreign policy, security and defence policy. In view of the phenomenal growth of the National Front in France, the Alternativ für Deutschland in Germany and other similar movements in the Netherlands, Greece, Austria and elsewhere, it hardly seems likely that these goals can be achieved by democratic means. Yet the aim is to produce ‘concrete proposals’ at a meeting in Luxembourg in May, just prior to the referendum in Britain, to enhance EU integration, to move forward to a federal union of States. Even were we to remain within the EU, this single government would be making laws over which Britain would have no say. Britain was, so a recent report by a Brussels-based think tank, the most outvoted country in the European Council between 2009 and 2013. Our money is needed for bailouts, but we are useful for little else, not even an opinion.

US president Obama’s recent abusive language of ‘isolationism and xenophobia’, the threat to make the UK wait in a ten-year ‘queue’ ― hardly an American word, so who wrote his script? ― all reveal his support of an integrated Europe and some of the reasoning behind the US wish to unseat Mr Putin by force, either in Syria or in the Ukraine or the Baltic. However they try it, disaster must follow with the loss of many lives. Inside Europe Britain will become, along with Denmark, a marginalized colony such as it was under Rome 2000 years ago forced to receive dictats handed down from Brussels amid transparently false claims by our prime minister of our country’s continued independence; corrupt to the end. We cannot let it happen. The President of the European Parliament by German appointment, Martin Schultz, has said, “The action plan for pooling sovereignty in the 19 Eurozone countries is based on economic, financial, banking, fiscal, and capital markets union ― with all of these unions taking place at once. This plan is underway now to finally move to political union at the latest by 2025.” What on earth can this one-time petty bookstore owner know about such matters, surely they are beyond the capacity of his intellectual understanding? It will spell ruin for all involved, social unrest, strife between the countries of Europe, a mad idea courting disaster.

Praise she may elicit from Barack Obama who said that Angela Merkel was on the right side of history and it is difficult to simply build walls. These are not the sentiments of the German people who in a crushing personal blow kicked her party out of two of three recent state elections and her power is steadily diminishing. Meanwhile, whilst Obama was receiving a warm welcome from Merkel during his recent visit to the country, 30,000 people were on the streets campaigning against all she is advocating. Germans accuse Mrs Merkel of totally ignoring their views by inviting unlimited numbers of immigrants to settle in their country.


















































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