The consequences of a night bombardment by the APU Gorlovka 03/08/2015



The armed conflict in the Donbas has lasted for more than 970 days. 970 days days of pain, loss and destruction.


Luhansk also comes under regular attack

Over the past 24 hours on the front line in five recorded LNR shelling by the Ukrainian troops (from artillery and mortars)





A change of flags


Вежливые люди !! Как это было!!!

The friendly people !! How it was!!!


The illegitimate government in Kiev has never accepted the Minsk agreements (2015/16). Since its inception they have resorted to attacking the eastern Donbass part of the country. In particular thay have been hitting civilian targets. Anecdotal accounts have reached us of women out shopping being deliberately targeted. What gets into the heads and hearts of fanatics ready to kill their own countrymen. Many of the Nazi militia groups attached to the regular Ukrainian army have also been shooting at any regular soldiers trying to escape. They have also threatened the OSCE inpectors, who have show themselves to be pretty useless.

Below are a number of images collected by us from reliable friends we know living in the Donbass area. None is a legitimate military target. People in this area are being killed daily. What have you got to say to this, Mr Fallon?


How much more evidence does anyone need of the Kiev junta's war crimes?

dead bodies

What needs to be remembered these Neo-Nazi thugs will stop at nothing. In Odessa, they burned people alive, in KievMaidan, they shot protesters on both sides to create chaos. They are still receiving wide-spread support from the West: USA, UK, EU countries. Europe was once purged of this ideology, but it never died in western Ukraine.

Before taking up arms, residents of Donbass use bare hands tried to stop the equipment sent by the junta. So this is what it has come to.


bare hands










tower 2


house 2


house 3


We do not like showing dead bodies, but we really can n0 longer hide our heads in the sand

dead bodies











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