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“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”  George Orwell



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A few thoughts on the Skripal affair

My take on the Skripal affair is straightforward. Russia was accused of the poisoning offhand, before there was any opportunity to gather any evidence, demonstrating underlying prejudice rather than honesty. Loud accusations were to be hears everywhere. The actions of the British government at almost every stage, as has been pointed out, have also contravened International Law. The language used by our political leaders has been at times rude, offensive, undiplomatic and totally lacking in good manners. This contrasted starkly with demeanour of the Russian Ambassador, Mr Yakovenko, who was always friendly and dignified at every press conference he gave. The abuse of all things Russian has continued. The Director General of MI5, Mr Andrew Parker, not known to give interviews or make press statements, continued the trend. Speaking of a ‘fog of lies’, without any indication of what these might be, he was again largely dispensing unvarnished abuse. This makes me thoroughly ashamed of, and angry at the behaviour of the UK Government. All these press interviews by various UK officials have obviously carefully orchestrated. I am not easy-believing nor do I easily swallow conspiracies, but to assume that the UK secret services are not capable of assassinations, as many here seem to assume, is naïve and flies in the face of historical evidence. I am not convinced by the British explanations of the Litvinenko affair. Even, closer to home, the strange death of Dr David Kelly, the UK chemical weapons scientist also leaves many questions unanswered as the recent book by Miles Goslett ‘An Inconvenient Death’ has pointed out. There are a string of others, some well-known, others not. Suspicions about assassination must remain as long as so many very obvious discrepancies and these unanswered questions remain. That the Skripal incident could have been stage-managed by the British is not moving beyond realistic conjecture. That information regarding both Kelly and others, including the Skripals is ‘classified’, often for up to seventy years until everyone directly affected is dead, suggests that someone somewhere has something to hide. It must not be left unchallenged. We can at least be thankful that Yulia Skripal has apparently emerged unscathed, but the questions have not diminished but rather increased.





London beggin

The UK has been making unwise moves in an effort to ruin its relations with Russia with the help of the far-fetched Skripal case. Due to the reduction of gas production in the North Sea and declining home reserves against the backdrop of the nation's exit from the European Union, London may find itself in dire need of the Russian liquified natural gas (LNG). However, British lawmakers intend to ban the supplies of energy carriers from Russia. The UK will have to choose between its political ambitions and economics.

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German Family Hounded Out of Germany by Liberal Extremists Settle in Stavropol, Russia



Wish them all the best in their new life!



We owe the Russians more than we can ever repay



Remembrance: rewriting history, the Red Army's role in liberating Europe censored in the West.



Lies, lies and yet more lies...

John Pilger hits out at May over Salisbury and Syria attacks





Why the West Hates Putin







Unless you are France or Germany this is what to expect from EU:

Violence Erupts as Greece Passes More Austerity Measures to Appease EU Creditors




Greece's parliament has passed new austerity measures, including further cuts to Greek pensions and lower tax breaks. The package unlocks another Greek economy bailout necessary to repay the US$8.3 billion euros of debt that is due in July. However, the vote has been met with violent clashes on the streets of Athens.Greece is facing the sizable bill of US$8.3 billion (€7.5 billion) euros in a couple of months, and they've been caught short.

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Let no one tell me the USA is a peace-loving country, it is not. They are more like global terrorists.

US troops arrive in Donbass to kill 'Russkies'

25.04.2017 | Source: 


US troops arrive in Donbass to kill 'Russkies'. 60358.jpeg

Representatives of the US Army arrived in the conflict zone in the Donbass, representatives of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk said, having provided evidence of the emergence of American military instructors on the territory of the so-called "anti-terrorist operation."

"The arrival of military instructors from the United States in the area of the so-called ATO has been established," Eduard Bazurin, deputy commander of the People's Republic of Donetsk said, adding that "one of the goals of the arrival of US instructors was to check the readiness of Ukrainian Armed Forces for combat operations."

In accordance with agreements between the United States and Ukraine, Washington shall  provide military assistance to Kiev, although, for the time being, this assistance is being carried out in the form of old uniforms, old armoured vehicles and "humanitarian" military supplies. In addition, instructors from the US Army train Ukrainian soldiers, teaching them to "to kill Ivans" noting that it has been quite a while before they could call targets like that.

At the same time, US instructors note that the Ukrainian army is disorganised, and many of its soldiers and officers are very hard to educate, especially when it goes about modern defence technologies and tactics of warfare. Ukrainian military men are used to "decades-old Soviet-style plans, whereas the state of their military hardware brings tear to the eye."

It is worth recalling an infamous statement made by former CIA Director Michael Morell. In one of his interviews, Morell stated that the most effective way to resolve the Syrian conflict would be to kill the Russians there "covertly."


Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

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Peace, peace, when there is none

It was observed by the eminent historian, Arnold J. Toynbee, that the history of the world has been one of perpetual judgement. Kingdoms arise and strut the world stage, sweeping all before them, only to be brought down to nothing with the only memory of them a pile of stone ruins. One distinct difference between previous Empires and the present rush to global dominance by USA and her hangers-on is the legacy left behind. Despite the butchery of all Empires, from the Greeks and the Romans we have a heritage of art, philosophy, law and much more. Even the British Empire left behind schools, hospitals, railways, something conveniently forgotten today. The constant striving of the USA and the West to rule the world has brought only death and destruction, worldwide poverty and hunger, rapacious multinational companies and banks, all the chaos and calamity of a 'wild West' mentality.

The modern historian, Eric Hobsbawm, noted with sad accuracy:
“The 20th century was the most murderous in recorded history. The total number of deaths caused by or associated with its wars has been estimated at 187m, the equivalent of 10% of the world’s population in 1913. Taken as having begun in 1914, it was a century of almost unbroken war, with few and brief periods without organised armed conflict somewhere. It was dominated by world wars: that is to say, by wars between territorial states or alliances of states. … The world as a whole has not been at peace since 1914, and is not at peace now”

Whilst the nature of war may have changed, worldwide conflict shows no signs of abating. On the contrary, some seem intent on pushing their agenda by means of intimidation and war. Armed operations of the past were generally between sovereign states and began with a declaration of war at the one end and a peace treaty at the other. World War 2 did not really begin or end in this way and the expression ‘cold war’ was introduced to describe what followed. What constituted war and what peace became obscure.

As has been amply exemplified by the conflicts in the Balkans and the Ukraine and to an even greater extent in the Middle East, there has been a blurring of the distinction between combatants and non-combatants. This began with the two World Wars where the burden of the war was increasingly felt by the whole populations of the belligerent countries. In World War I, 5% of those who died were civilians, World War II this rose significantly to 66%. Today estimates for civilians killed in recent conflicts put civilian casualties at 80 to 90% of those losing their lives. This is partly due to the fact that wars have been conducted not by conscript armies but regular or irregular troops using high-tech weapons. In the current situation in Iraq, although the ‘war’ may have ended, the population is still being bombed by largely foreign forces who entered the country as invaders. All this is brought before us by the powerful machinery of untrustworthy mass media propaganda.

The meaning of war and peace is blurred too by the use of the word ‘war’ when using organised force against what are regarded as anti-social activities. There is the ‘war against the Mafia’ and the ‘war against drugs’. The operations of the IRA in Northern Ireland or the ‘war against Islamic terrorism’ further complicate our definitions. The terrorist will view himself as a belligerent, even although UK law will see him as a murderer. By contrast, a soldier killing on the battlefield will not generally be seen to be acting in breach of any law. Armed conflicts within states have become much more of a problem, often encouraged by external interference. Mechanisms for dealing with these or even controlling them do not appear to exist. Not a single government anywhere is in any position to disregard still less eliminate armed minorities within their borders. There is a constant threat to us all exacerbated by official helplessness and complacency.

D. William Norris




Probably his finest speech ever

Lavrov Gives LANDMARK Speech: U.S. Foreign Policymakers Betrayed the American Founding Fathers





Much thought is given to the sufferings of the Ukrainian people in the east of the country and rightly so. News coming to us directly from various parts of the rest of Ukraine show that the trials of these brave folk stretches throughout the country. The reason for this is clear:


The Kiev Government is now dominated by Neo-Nazi followers of Bandera particularly from Western Ukraine.



Very Real Neo-Nazi Threat in Ukraine. A compilation of what mainstream media isn't showing.

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Putin defends Christianity and condemns anti-Christian West and political correctness

A most powerful speech. Western politicians will hate him even more.





The establishment political parties of the UK cannot be trusted on sovereignty, immigration, or anything else.


The nation wakes up?

“Now everything is different. In the past twelve months, like a heavy sleeper roused at last by an insistent alarm bell, the British have woken up and got to their feet. They have rubbed their eyes and cleared their throats and got ready to speak, to give their answer. It is as though with one accord, they had said one to another: ‘This is not a little thing, but a great business: we will decide it ― no one else’.”
These words could easily have been spoken in the past few weeks or as the results of the Brexit referendum became clear, but they were not. These are the words of the much maligned politician, Enoch Powell, in a speech in Doncaster in June 1971 at the time of Britain’s entry into the EEC. The parallels between then and now are uncanny and comparisons are worth making.

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The imagined ‘threat’ from Russia

It would now seem that Vladimir Putin is assuming the role of the new bogeyman. Certainly, he has expressed his disdain for many ‘western values’ and refuses to conform. His apparent authoritarian approach makes him a ruthless dictator in the eyes of many wimpy western leaders. As a former KGB officer, he has resources at his disposal to enable him to steer the outcome of the US elections in favour of Donald Trump, so we are led to believe, even although there is no credible evidence to support the accusations. Even Mrs Merkel has rumoured that Mr Putin could be about to instigate her downfall through hacking or ‘fake news’. Would that he really could do this, we should have a lot to thank him for! If Merkel is brought down she will have done it by her own stupidity. Yet despite all this nonsense, unlike his predecessors in the Kremlin, we need to remember that Putin was elected by a largely free and fair election and enjoys an 80% popularity rating. Something western leaders can only dream of. He is a Russian nationalist and totally committed to acting in his country’s best interests.


Anti-Russian rhetoric has reached to point of being obviously foolish. Social media has been full of well-deserved mockery. No evidence for any of the claims has been forthcoming and press officers in Washington stutter and stumble. Some wiser souls have backtracked saying it was all an insider leak. ‘Mutti’ Merkel herself has expressed fears for similar reasons for next year’s German elections. Of course, the Russians made sure the British would vote to leave the EU. Russia unlike the USA is not seeking world-wide domination.

It is time to call a halt to this rubbish lest someone make a disastrous mistake.

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Like some great edifice with rotten foundations, the structure gnawed at from the inside for years by bloated rats, nothing is maintained, nothing repaired. This makes the collapse of the building inevitable and it looks as though someone desperately wants this to happen. Yet the residents of the place are partying, stoned out of their minds or distracted by trivialities; they are totally unaware of any imminent danger. A valiant few shout from the rooftop, but the laughter and frivolity, the deafening music coming from beneath them, drowns out their voices. Those with most to benefit from the building’s ruin dismiss any thought of looming disaster with scorn and derision as they chisel away yet more bricks from the rickety basement. Yet these despicable villains are lauded from within the house, the deliberate falsehoods, the malicious fabrications and crazy schemes are believed, given support time and again. Continue the good work you are doing, is the cry, and we shall all be safe. The house was once an elegant building, the seat of global influence, a powerhouse of industry and invention, but now it is reduced to beggary by malice and foolishness, collapsing from within, living with hidden bankruptcy, waiting for the bailiffs at anytime now.

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The real relationship between Russia and Ukraine: Compassion vs. hatred

The more news reports we hear from Ukraine about anti-Russian hysteria, the more strange it appears to deal with the opposite attitude to Ukrainians on Russia's part. For example, when Ukraine destroys and renames everything that is at least somehow related to the USSR and Russia, Russia opens a monument to one of the ideologists of Ukrainian independence, poet Shevchenko, in Novosibirsk. 

In Ukraine, they ban Russian films and sack those, who congratulate other people on the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland (aka Red Army Day - ed.). In Russia, there is a whole network of popular Ukrainian restaurants called "Taras Bulba Tavern." If a Russian citizen supports the Ukrainian revolution, they can freely express their opinion on the subject without fearing any sort of retaliation for their words. 

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NATO: A criminal and a liar

NATO:  A criminal and a liar. 58374.jpeg

Using a Goebbels-style mechanism to whitewash the truth, repeating lies and inventing non-existent threats to perpetuate itself, NATO uses the media to brainwash a gullible western public, employing a manipulation of fear to implement its trans-national policies, parading Russia as the eternal ogre. Let us take a look behind the scenes.

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Ignorance about the nation’s finances is but one tool in the government's armoury with which they can pursue their ends without the rest of us noticing what is happening. Important is that we do not see what is going on. This has happened on every level, immigration, education, ‛political correctness ’and everything else. They show utter contempt towards the people they rule. And we, miserable souls, only notice the mess when it is too late. ...

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The modern State is a vicious tyrant, a bully, a Leviathan, a Behemoth beyond the wit or strength of any man to tame. It has grown fat on the flesh of its citizens, is drunk with their blood. Since it cannot be tamed, who then will find a George to slay it? Since it cannot be reformed, it must be slain and replaced.


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The Anatomy of Tyranny

How to recognise tyranny and what to do about it

A corrupt an oppressive State extorts unjustly what it can from all it can. Gives only aid where it can buy influence and favours. The tyrannical ruler takes what he can from all, in order pay for his own superfluities, line his own pockets, indulge favoured projects and riotous expenses. It is an empire built on the ruins of the public good. It draws blood from the veins of citizens’ means and feeds it to government leeches upon which to gorge themselves. The tyrannical government is lifted to the level of a religion before which all must bow the knee, but it is an artificial, counterfeit, apostate religion and devotion. Its countenance is composed to show appropriate piety in order to terrify the people and deter them from conspiratorial actions. No, it is the golden-headed statue of Babylon with a head of gold and feet of clay, precarious in its stance and ready to fall at a blow.

When governments persist in violent solutions, they identify themselves with tyranny and whatever the law or lawful authority permits against a tyrant must be invoked. A tyrannical government subverts the state, pillages the people, lays stratagems to entrap the lives of citizens and scoffs at the sacred obligations of an oath. If thieves and murderers commit crimes they are declared infamous outlaws and they justly suffer punishment. Can we find any less an end for infamous tyrants?

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Accused of having no values, Russian values are clear: respect for human rights; respect for peace; the defence of national interests; support for family values and the value of the Christian faith. These are all things the West either despises, disregards or is actively seeking to destroy or dismantle.

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recruitSHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER: conscripts dodge being drafted in Syria and Ukraine

Surely, it cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that thousands of those running away from Syria at the moment are young men. What are they running from? The same as so many now leaving the Ukraine, conscription to the Army. In the case of Ukraine it is understandable that these youngsters do not want to give their lives for a cause in which they do not believe, they do not want to give credence to the corrupt foreign-backed regime now running the country, nor do they want to fire on their own countrymen, some of whom could be their own kith and kin, cousins, even brothers.

In Syria, however, things are very different. These young men now feeling their homeland are desperately needed at home to reinforce a depleted army that is attempting to stem the tide of evil butchers threatening to overrun the country.Yet, when the Polish Foreign Minister dared to suggest that the 'thousands of young Syrian men now sipping coffee in our cafes and texting on their mobile phones should be formed into an army and shipped back to retake their country', he was ridiculed by the EU.

Disaster will follow defeat in Syria: crucifixions and beheadings, of Christians especially - not that this seems to concern western governments - but also of fellow Muslims. There are no ‛legitimate’ opposition forces in Syria. 'Moderate' opponents of Bashar al-Assad equipped and trained by the west are deserting to the Jihadists or Isil in droves, all are terrorists. Russia alone seems to have fully grasped what is underway in Syria and is prepared to undertake serious military action. Well-publicised comments of the former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, substantiate this point of view - no knighthood then for this man! Western democracies are filled with an irrational hatred of Vladimir Putin.The persecution suffered by Christians in Muslim countries is, we are informed, not necessarily sufficient grounds in the opinion of western democracies for giving anyone asylum status.




THE TRAGEDY OF TWO WORLD WARS: how we beat our enemy, but got stabbed in the back by our 'friends'

The United States emerged from World War I as the wealthiest nation on earth, more by taking advantage of her allies than by her own exertions. The mighty dollar before 1914 had been but one currency among others. The war debts owed to the United States seemed beyond the wit of man to repay. The response of President Coolidge to his erstwhile allies financial troubles was as hardnosed as it was dismissive, “Well they hired the money, didn’t they?” Britain struggled to her debts to the United States. However, those who owed Britain money were either teetering on bankruptcy or in the case of the Soviet Union had no intention of repaying anything to capitalists. International finance after the war struggled. The exchange system, built on gold and confidence in the markets, was destroyed. There was little gold about and most of it was in America.

Twenty years later America repeated what it had done in World War I, but on a much grander scale and with a like devastating effect on Britain. Once more hanging back from entering the war for two years whilst Britain bled, the USA emerged as the undisputed leader, proprietor, protector, and policeman of the non-Communist world. The huge expansion of military bases and power was accompanied by an equally sensational expansion in trade and capital overseas. By stopping the Germans in two wars, by cutting its allies meanly down to size, American economic and political expansion was unparalleled. France and Britain especially had been reduced to second-rate powers by the treachery and self-interest of their American ‛ally’. America had developed, in the words of Senator J. William Fulbright, “an arrogance of power” and attitude of “do it our way or else”.

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PLEASE NOTE: This article does not diminish our respect for the many US soldiers who fought so courageously in two World Wars. Nor is this intended as a slight against the hardworking, honest and God-fearing American people.The American nation as much as America's friends have been betrayed by their arrogant governments. (the author)




Where has England gone? Way back in 1984 in a television interview, a Bradford Conservative councillor, Peter Gilmore, made this remark: “There is no such thing as an Englishman”. The Equality and Human Rights Commission, formerly the Commission for Racial Equality, now works under a broader mandate than previously. With respect to immigration and multiculturalism it is committed to unravelling our distinctive and traditional English culture and to putting in its place a vapid, bland cultural pluralism. Bradford, of course, has long suffered under a powerful multiculturalist bureaucracy. Schools in the city are not interested in integrating newcomers within the British way of life, instead they promote a vague ‛multicultural identity’. In this context there can be no commitment to a common history, tradition, development or religion. They seek to impose a new culture by dictat from above, wiping clean the past. Most of us will find this as offensive as it is totalitarian. This will never work and remains a recipe for growing resentment and disharmony on all sides. Conflict has now become inevitable and unpreventable. There is a clear denial that anyone in Britain can be autochthonous, indigenous, rather than descended from migrants or colonists. We were all immigrants once and on the same footing as everyone else. A myth is perpetuated of vast movements of people in the past, exaggerated to support a multicultural agenda.

Britain’s place in world history is taught in State schools as being something approaching ‛shameful’. Multiculturalism has been empowered by dishonesty on a grand scale. It is a pot-pourri of distorted facts enhanced by noxious and wayward lies. Excellence is hated, totalitarian movements and vile régimes are praised. Any notion of Britishness or Englishness is deliberately debunked as racist. Students are left in ignorance of their own cultural background. Traditional Christianity is scorned, Islamic culture celebrated, carefully ignoring its savage origins. The British people are generally tolerant and open-minded, too much so in many respects. Yet, why on earth should they have to tolerate having their own financial recourses used to insult them?

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Governments assume powers of taxation and reserve them for themselves.

Through various forms of taxation, but also in other ways, modern governments believe they can seize the property of their citizens with impunity. Like robber barons they function as institutionalised monopolies. No one else is allowed to demand taxes. Were any other organisation to operate in the same way as governments do, it would be considered extortion, robbery, fraud, or some kind of protection racket such as that run by Mafia families. When a dubious character breathing out threats approaches a business demanding a percentage of the profits to stay in business, we think of Sicily or the Ukraine and call it a protection racket. Yet, when the Inland Revenue does the same to our pay packets and businesses at rates determined by government, we call it taxation. But then, at least the Mafiosi do not pretend to be depriving us of our money for our own good. In essence there is only one definitive dividing line between these two, namely the laws drawn up by the governments themselves permitting them to demand payments from the rest of us at will. Criminals who seize our goods can be pursued or resisted; against governments there is no redress. We are taxed throughout our lives and even when we are dead they try.

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"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." Edmund Burke





Alternative to Facebook




“Silence, according to law, is consent”

Sir Thomas More in his defence against Henry VIII





Miscellaneous notes taken from my recent reading


A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers.

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